Nils Löwe

Father, Founder of Vedaserve, Idea-Coach, Passionate Software Developer
With the products and services of my company Vedaserve you can optimize your decisions.
As an Idea-Coach I can help you to develop your business models.
With the Manifesto for Responsible Software Development I try to make the world a better place.
Whenever possibile I make my code public. See my open source works at github.

Friederike Löwe

Mother, Happy Hacker, Software Developer, Optimizer and Optimist
We all want to be happy. Sometimes we simply don't know how to get there.
We spend a big part of our time working, so we should start being happy at work. I write about being a Happy Hacker and what it means for all the other parts of your life.

Are you a happy hacker?
Although there is not much to see yet, I publish some code at github from time to time.